Currently we export our products to Europe, India and Far East countries. Almost all processing chemicals, syntan, fat liquors, dye stuffs and finishing chemicals are imported from abroad. Today the factory is producing 10,000pcs of sheep skins and goat skins and 500pcs of cow hides per day. The main items currently produced at Colba Tannery are crust from sheep skins, crust from goat skins, crust for lining leather and finished leather. Our long term objective is to increase production capacity and to become one of the best companies in leather industry. Our distinctive features are constant selection standards and timely delivery.

Opportunity for the production

Since the country is one of the top livestock holder in the continent this create a huge opportunity for row material specifically row skins input. And also the company has a sister company that works on the Abettor business so the company use this opportunity for a better input in the export market.